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Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine which encompasses the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the Endocrine system (hormone producing glands).

Areas of Expertise

Pancreas Diabetes Mellitus Types 1 and 2, MODY Gestational Diabetes, Chemical Diabetes
Thyroid Hyper/Hypo thyroidism, Thyroid nodules, Thyroid cancer
Pituitary Diabetes Insipidus, Hyperprolactinemia, Growth hormone disorders, Pituitary Tumors
Parathyroid Hyper/Hypo calcemia, Parathyroid tumors
Adrenal Addison’s, Cushing’s diseases, Aldosterone disorders, Tumors of the adrenal gland
Bone disorders Osteoporosis, Paget’s Disease
Ovarian/Testes Adrenogenital Syndrome, Low testosterone
Metabolic Syndrome Combination of disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Lipid Disorders High cholesterol / triglycerides
Obesity Apidosopathy, weight management

As a specialty practice, our main goal is to provide you with the most advanced Endocrinology care in coordination with your primary care physician and other members of your medical team. We encourage you, your family and your caretakers to become actively engaged in your ongoing treatment(s) in order to achieve a high level of compliance resulting in optimal health.

We thank you for your interest in our practice and look forward to serving your Endocrinology, Metabolic and  Diabetes needs!

Dr. Alan B. Schorr and Staff

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